Choosing the Best Small Laptops 2012

In the short span of time since small laptops have been introduced, best small laptops 2012 are now made much smaller, lighter and converged with highly amazing specs and features. The number of these small laptops or netbooks as what these are commonly referred to, grew out of control and have even surpassed the sales of average or medium to large size laptops. This is due to the several advantages of choosing small laptops than other bigger size laptops.

One factor that plays an essential role of why most people prefer smaller laptops is the ultra-lightweight and portability of these laptops. This is because these laptops tend to be smaller in size making these much lighter and more comfortable to carry with you. Another factor is its much lesser price when compared to the bigger laptops. Looking at the price for a best small laptop 2012is not that frustrating since many of the small laptops today can be purchased at a very low amount, but still bearing with them the outstanding specs and features you will find in a laptop. Here are some of small great laptops to choose fromthat will meet your laptop needs:

1. Acer Aspire One AO725-0899 11.6″ Netbook (Volcano Black). This small laptop from Acer brand is a perfect blend of portability and usability. You can bringwith youthis 1-inch slim and less than three pounds weight laptop on the go with high comfort and convenience while still allowing you to do your relevant tasks as is. Its long battery life, which lasts for an average time of seven hours is a major pro enabling you to still connect after performing a multitude of tasks. You can also manage to connect to the Web with high speed and letting you view a number of videos and images with its superb 11.6 inch display. Major con is its slow boot-up process, which will take you a few seconds to minutes and the shutdown time giving you one minute and 15 seconds. Plus, the speakers seem that they are not performing at its best already and still need some improvements. This small laptop can be best purchased at around $300.

2. Lenovo S100 106722U 10.1-Inch Netbook – Black. Another best small laptop 2012 is this 10.1 inch netbook from Lenovo. You can easily setup your laptop use with its instant start key allowing you to access the menu buttons and connect to the Web easier and faster. It also has an extended battery life lasting for six to seven hours depending on the Internet use and other browsing activities as well as playing games. Minor gripes are; it doesn’t have an indication of whether it is already fully charged when plugged and the speaker is positioned on the lower edge of the screen which doesn’t project well when used. Nonetheless, it’s a great companion netbook at about $500 and one of the best small laptops 2012.

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