Cheap Laptops Under $500

Laptops have become more popular because of their portability, and people are looking for laptops under 500 dollars more often. Unfortunately, the old adage “You get what you pay for” leaves some people uncomfortable in buying one of these less expensive models. But have no fear; there are some of the best laptops 2012 has to offer at the more inexpensive categories. These range in size from the smaller 10.1 inch laptops in the form of a netbook to the full standard-sized laptops.

In the notebook category, the best laptop 2012 model is one made by HP. The HP Pavilion DM1Z netbook offers either an AMD Dual-Core or Intel Atom processor with a ten inch wide screen. This is a great mobile device that is great for many users, but is limited in the number of ports, but it does have a full sized keyboard that is preferred by most users. The battery lasts for around seven hours, and this model is expandable to 8GB of memory. It’s price under $450.

Another of the best laptops 2012 models is the Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ661 that is priced just under $470. This model has an AMD E-350 processor with a 1.6 GHz processor speed. The screen size s 15.6 inches and it has a very comfortable standard sized keyboard with a convenient adjacent numeric keypad. With a 500GB hard drive and four hours of life in the battery, this is a great model for those who are very mobile because it weighs in at five pounds.

In the realm of best laptop 2012, the Asus K52F-BIN6 is priced just under $480. This standard laptop-style model has a processor speed of 2.13 GHz and a screen size of 15.6 inches. It has a 500GB hard drive that is a great size for those who do a lot of word processing, web browsing, or spreadsheets. It does have a Dual-Layer DVD that has both read and write capability, and the battery last over three hours.

As people are looking for the best laptops under 500 dollars, there are a variety of models that do a great job for consumers looking for great portability. Most have large capacity hard drives, and good processor speed, and sufficient memory. These are all highly rated by consumers who have purchased the model as well as professionals who have tested the model and found them to work very well.

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Best Laptop Brands

Among today’s laptops, people are still eyeing for the best laptop brands. What’s the best one for you may not be the same as how others will see it. Therefore, if you are looking for the best laptop that you will be using, then you need to consider first your personal reasons of how you intend to use that laptop for. There is the performance factor, the configuration settings, the memory storage capacity and many others. There are also issues on some of the best laptop brands that you need to weigh first before any purchase is made. Here’s a look of the two laptop brands said to be in the best list:


The name itself, “Apple”. Upon hearing this famous brand, the first thing that comes into your minds is; definitely one of the world’s best laptop brands. For so many years now, Apple has earned the respect of the tech industry for their inventions of high standard, quality and unique features you will never see in other laptop brands. From the laptop’s iconic designs and advanced configuration settings to its superior software and technical support, no wonder why Apple still remains the best choice of many. However, this laptop brand may not be the best preference for business men and college students who expect to use Windows most of the time. More so, what always comes along with this brand is the pricey value it has. With Apple, you will rarely see Apple laptops that will go lesser than $1000.


Competing tightly and closely with Apple in the market today is Samsung laptops. Yes, Samsung has finally figured it out how their laptops can be the strongest contender of Apple. Their easy to configure and user-friendly built in features make their laptops a very good choice for anyone who wants to purchase a laptop. From business purposes down to simple every day Internet browsing use, laptops from Samsung can be operated and set up easily, without having any difficulties unlike other brands. Also, the prices are at a reasonable range and are worthy enough for a good laptop purchase. This is why Samsung is one of the best laptop brands.

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How To Find College Student Laptop Deals

Whenever school year is approaching, a lot of people are always looking for the best college laptops for students and where they can find these. School life will not only mean school work and a couple of school papers to finish. It will also include extracurricular activities that give color and fun to the college student’s life. A number of college activities today involve extensive research and computer work. Therefore, college students need a laptop that will cater to their needs including some sort of gaming and graphic works. Here are some guidelines on how to find the best college laptops for students:

1.Laptop manufacturers such as Apple, HP and Dell run educational deals and schemes that help students studying at certain colleges or universities save for a new laptop purchase. They also provide discounts on software and other computer tools and devices for new entrants and regular shoppers on their retail stores. Visiting some well renowned and trusted retail stores near you will help you find the best college laptops for students.

2.You can also find some websites that offer vouchers or online discounts for specific laptop brand and use it for your purchase on college laptops. There are several promos online that are accredited by legally administrated agencies to give out certain promotional codes and passwords to specific set of consumers like the college students. However, you need to make certain that these websites doing this are officially credited.

3.You may also want to try to check out what companies regularly produce college laptops since many of these also offer discounts to students who are making the purchase directly at their main branches and stores. You can also research from other websites what brands are best for college students and whether you can get them at certain low amount.

4.Checking refurbished laptops is also a cost-efficient way you can do. Buying refurbished laptops is not a bad idea, though. Reasons why some laptops may be refurbished are not that always grave in which some are only due to cosmetic defects. You just need to carefully select which one to buy and whether it will greatly help your school work.

5.There are other means to get a good deal on college laptops. You may also try looking at secondhand laptops or trading your old laptop for a new one. What’s more important than all these is that whether or not you can use it accordingly and help you get some school work completed successfully. When you realize that you have achieved this, hence you have the best laptops for college students

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How to find cheap laptops that won’t skimp on specs?

The answers to the question, “How to find cheap laptops that won’t skimp on specs?” are numerous that you can’t even detect which one you can trust to believe in. There are several websites that conduct multiple product reviews and misleadingly claim to help the buyers choose the best cheap laptop without giving them the issues expected in not so first-rated laptops.  So, we have come up with our own tips and guides that will surely help you on how to find cheap laptops that won’t skimp on specs.

  1. First, you need to have your own set of desired features in a laptop. Whether you want a small laptop or something that can serve as a desktop replacement, different brands have their own feature that set them apart from the other brands. So, for this reason, take a close look at the Best laptop brands that conform to your range of budget.


  1. Next, make a comparison between two or more brands and with same laptop brands. Consider the specifications like processors, operating systems, memory, and disk drive and so on when doing this. Also, include the price of each prospective laptop and search for the same in other online shopping websites like Amazon. Referring to this kind of shopping not only allows you to shop comfortably, but also make bids that can help you save more.


  1. You can also read some tech magazines that discuss what types of laptops are good to buy in much cheaper rate. Most of these magazines and other online tools also provide helpful tips and reviews on how to find cheap laptops that won’t skimp on specs. You may also benefit from some laptop bargains online and offline since most of the laptops you can find here are sold at very low prices. Just be careful in buying from these trades since most of the laptops are secondhand and have already been refurbished. Nevertheless, you can also find brand new laptops from this kind of market-buying.

Though, the price of today’s laptops is configured with the necessity of having one and it is said to be relatively increased when millions of people crave for it, you can still have a great buy of economical laptops if you manage how to find cheap laptops for sale that won’t skimp on specs.


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Best College Laptops 2012 – Buying Guide

Nowadays, as far as technology is concerned, choosing the best college laptops for students has become more difficult. There are a couple of buying guidelines that every shopper needs to consider for that wise shopping for laptops. There is the best processor factor, elegant built and designs, where to have a good buy and of course, the price of each preferred laptop. Here’s a look at the buying guide that will give every college student and laptop enthusiasts great ideas and decisions in buying a laptop:

1. Where to shop best? If you will go through a couple of laptop reviews from several websites, you will realize that there is no “best site” or “best store” to shop the best college laptops for students. Therefore, you need to visit multiple websites and check out what you can get from there. Reading product descriptions and reviews is also helpful to give you an idea and solution to your laptop needs. You can also visit retail stores in your area and look into the laptops that will fit into your needs.

2. Screen size and operating system- Best college laptops for students are those with medium size screens to permit you to view the images and other display with ease. Additionally, it’s better to choose laptops that are lightweight so that it can easily be brought anywhere you want. Today, it is not anymore that difficult to look for laptops with medium size screens and is lightweight at the same time. With the operating system, among the three renowned operating systems- Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, Windows is said to be the one suitable for college student’s needs because it is user-friendly and most of the software are compatible with it. Though Linux and Mac OS are great options too, there are some issues with software incompatibility that will affect the student’s laptop preference.

3. How much will it cost you? A simple, but is a very important factor that every buyer should never forget considering. No matter how preferable a laptop maybe, if it will not fit into your budget, you cannot still have it. Therefore, you need to look into the laptop’s price and check also if it is the best one you can have regardless of the amount. Though prices for college laptops are now at their peak, you can still find low-priced ones without compromising the quality.

There are other miscellaneous things that should be accounted when buying a college laptop. Battery life, processors, memory storage, design and other features are also included when considering the Best college laptops for students.

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